Utopia's Garden Center/ Utopia Orchid Park

Utopia's plant nursery and garden center is located adjacent to Utopia Park. The nursery is a national center for orchids, carnivorous plants, cacti and a wide range of tropical plants. The nursery sprawls over an are of 4000 square meters, and is one of the largest greenhouses in Israel. Visitors can find plants, knick-knacks and souvenirs as well as olive oil and other seasonal gifts in the nursery at Utopia.
You can also fins a huge selection of decorative pots, soil, fertilizers and other products...

Wholesale Gifts and Orchids Wholesale Gifts and Orchids

At Utopia Park you will find a wide selection of reasonably priced gift baskets, orchids and plants. There is a gift basket or plant for every occasion! Birthdays, anniversaries, surprises for your guests at your Utopia Park occasion.

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