• Conventions


    In the tropical rainforest of Utopia Orchid Park

  • Conventions

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Enjoy a catered meal by our in-house chef!

  • Conventions at Utopia

    Tropical Rainforest & Botanical Garden

    Guided tours in the tropical rainforest & botanical garden at Utopia Orchid Park.

  • Workshops


    Numerous of workshop activity options.

  • Attractions


    Waterfalls, pools, fish, various species of birds and tens of thousands of tropical plants, including carnivorous plants, all blend together to create a natural environment and atmosphere perfect for cultivating and raising orchids.

Utopia Park offers a variety of possibilities for conventions, meetings and seminars.

Utopia Park offers a range of events along with a guided tour of Utopia Park:

Different Business Events

Conferences, meetings, seminars and more in various settings suitable to any type of event.

Catered Meals

Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by the house chef.


Various seminars to enrich your visit.

Gift Packages

Utopia is the leading supplier of gift packages for different occasions, offering a variety of gift packages for guests, clients and relatives.

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Tropical Rainforest

Utopia Orchid Park is an enchanting tropical rain forest grows with thousands of orchids from around the world, tropical plants, a myriad of animals and even carnivorous plants.

Catered Meals

Utopia Park offers a wide selection of meals by our chef. You can choose from dairy, meat, light and rich dishes, served individually or as a buffet. Kosher food is available.

Musical Water Fountain

An amazing musical water fountain show which you will enjoy during your group visit.

Coffee & Cake

Coffee and cake are available before or after your visit.

Carnivorous Plants

Utopia Park has a vast collection of carnivorous plants that thrive and reproduce in their natural habitat- a swamp, created just for them at Utopia. Visitors can see how the carnivorous plants grow and are cultivated, as well as see them actually capture prey.

Plant Mazes

Utopia Park has two plant mazes for you to discover- a classical style maze and a more daring and challenging two-storied ficus maze.

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