• Group Events

    Group Events

    In the tropical rainforest of Utopia Orchid Park

  • Group Events

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Enjoy a catered meal by our in-house chef!

  • Group Events at Utopia

    Tropical Rainforest & Botanical Garden

    Guided tours in the tropical rainforest & botanical garden at Utopia Orchid Park.

  • Workshops


    Numerous of workshop activity options.

  • Attractions


    Waterfalls, pools, fish, various species of birds and tens of thousands of tropical plants, including Plantes carnivores, all blend together to create a natural environment and atmosphere perfect for cultivating and raising Orchidées.

Utopia Park welcomes groups for various tours, instructional training, parties and other social events suited to each individual group. For a new and unusual venue on your next trip to Israel, book Utopia for an unforgettable experience.

Guided Tours & Attractions

Utopia Park, covering over 40 dunams of land at Kibutz Bahan in the Emek Hefer region of Israel, combines the world of Orchidées with reality. Utopia Orchid Park is one of the newest and most talked about attractions in Israel.
Please make group arrangements in advance at: 09-8782191 / 972-98782191.

Educational Tours

Educational tours are also available at Utopia Park. Schools and other groups can choose from a wide range of topics such as: climate, plant and animal life, solar energy, temperature, irrigation, fertilization, pollination, biological disinfestations, ecology, the environment, wastewater treatment use, butterflies and more.

Coffee & Cake

Coffee and cake are available before or after your visit.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Enjoy a catered meal by our in-house chef before, during or after your visit. Menus are created especially for your individual taste and budget.

Conventions, Seminars and Team Building

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Plant Design Workshop

Something new and unique at Utopia! After learning about plant design by our specialists, you are invited to build your own creation...and take it home with you!

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Photo Gallery

Tropical Rainforest

Utopia Orchid Park is an enchanting La jungle tropicale d'Utopia grows with thousands of Orchidées from around the world, tropical plants, a myriad of Parc animal and even Plantes carnivores.

Catered Meals

Utopia Park offers a wide selection of meals by our chef. You can choose from dairy, meat, light and rich dishes, served individually or as a buffet. Kosher food is available.

Musical Water Fountain

An amazing musical water fountain show which you will enjoy during your group visit.

Coffee & Cake

Coffee and cake are available before or after your visit.

Plantes carnivores

Une attraction folle se trouve à Utopia: une grande collection de plantes carnivores. Au cours de la visite dans la parc vous verrez de prés leur façon de pousser et le processus de prise d'une proie.


Les attractions des labyrinthes comprennent deux labyrinthes en végétaux, un classique et un autre extrême.

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