• Family Events

    Family Events

    In the tropical rainforest of Utopia Orchid Park

  • Family Events

    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Enjoy a catered meal by our in-house chef!

  • Family Events at Utopia

    Tropical Rainforest & Botanical Garden

    Guided tours in the tropical rainforest & botanical garden at Utopia Orchid Park.

  • Workshops


    Numerous of workshop activity options.

  • Attractions


    Waterfalls, pools, fish, various species of birds and tens of thousands of tropical plants, including Plantes carnivores, all blend together to create a natural environment and atmosphere perfect for cultivating and raising Orchidées.

Utopia Park offers a variety of possibilities for special family events & birthday celebrations.

Check out all of the fantastic possibilities for all types of family events & birthday gifts such as admission tickets, gift packages, catered meals and Orchidées. Celebrating at Utopia Park is a unique experience for children and adults alike.

Celebrations… the complete Utopia experience!

Our experienced tour guides will provide you with explanations and professional demonstrations of the Plantes carnivores, including how they trap their prey.

Later, you can wander through the wide open area of the outer park on your own and see the Labyrinthe, butterfly garden, and spectacular observation point where you can take in the entire park all at once. You will also see spotted deer and Moroccan sheep, a musical water fountain, sculptured gardens, refreshing herbs and more...

At the end of your tour you will be met at the tropical deck for a tasty meal, ccatered and cooked to your individual needs.

To celebrate at Utopia Park, please make arrangements in advance.

The tropical deck includes a sound system and projector for either a private, family or business event.

In addition, you can include a reasonably priced plant workshop (a range of prices for workshops). At the end of the workshop, your creation is yours to take home! Each guest brings his own creation home as a souvenir from your celebration!

This option is suitable for people of all ages- the young and elderly alike

Admission Ticket Gift Card

Order admission tickets to Utopia Park as a special gift for a loved one.
Your pre-ordered gift cards can be sent by mail to the recipient or left at the reception area at the park.
It is possible to add to the ticket an orchid, a birthday cake, a meal...the possibilities are endless!

The admission ticket allows you to enter the park for a tour of the rainforest, its waterfalls and bridges in a magical tropical environment. The tour includes a visit to the bird cages, thousands of Orchidées and tropical plants, animal, Plantes carnivores and more.

At the end of the rainforest tour you can wander through the open park which includes Labyrinthe, the butterfly garden, a breathtaking view of the park grounds, spotted dear and Moroccan sheep, musical water fountains, sculptured plants, mouthwatering spices and more.

The tour is suitable for all ages, kids and adults alike.

Catered Gift Meals

Order a catered gift meal for your loved ones! An original and unique gift combined with an orchid or plant and admission gift card is the perfect surprise.

There is a large choice of meals to choose from, dairy and meat.

For a gift meal- please order in advance.

Orchid Plant Gift

Order an orchid or plant as a gift for a loved one.

At Utopia there is a vast collection of beautiful and rare Orchidées and plants to choose from.

Your loved one's gift may be waiting for them at the entrance to the park, or it can be delivered to their home.

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Photo Gallery

Tropical Rainforest

Utopia Orchid Park is an enchanting La jungle tropicale d'Utopia grows with thousands of Orchidées from around the world, tropical plants, a myriad of Parc animal and even Plantes carnivores.

Catered Meals

Utopia Park offers a wide selection of meals by our chef. You can choose from dairy, meat, light and rich dishes, served individually or as a buffet. Kosher food is available.

Musical Water Fountain

An amazing musical water fountain show which you will enjoy during your group visit.

Coffee & Cake

Coffee and cake are available before or after your visit.

Plantes carnivores

Une attraction folle se trouve à Utopia: une grande collection de plantes carnivores. Au cours de la visite dans la parc vous verrez de prés leur façon de pousser et le processus de prise d'une proie.


Les attractions des labyrinthes comprennent deux labyrinthes en végétaux, un classique et un autre extrême.

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